Inauguration Ticket Requests


Thank you for your interest in attending the Fifty-Ninth Presidential Inauguration. 

Please be aware of the following information:

  • To use this form, you must be a current resident of Maryland’s Sixth Congressional District. 
  • Submitting this form is a request only and does not guarantee that tickets will be available.
  • Ticket supply is extremely limited.
  • Tickets are free of charge and may not be sold.
  • You may request up to two tickets. 
  • Tickets will be for standing room only. Due to large crowds, heightened security, and the length of the ceremony, ticket-holders attending the event should plan to be standing outside in winter weather conditions for several hours.
    • Dress for winter. The temperature on January 20th in Washington, D.C. averages from a low of 28°F to a high of 43°F.
    • Prepare to wait. Due to heightened security, please be prepared to go through layers of safety measures, including  metal detectors and having bags checked.  Security requires ticket holders to arrive hours early, carrying no seats or large bags.
    • Transportation options will be limited. Due to street closures around the Capitol Grounds and massive crowds using public transit, expect to walk several blocks and to wait in long lines.
  • The tickets allow access to specific sections of the Capitol Grounds. No one will be admitted to the ticketed areas of the Inaugural ceremonies at the U.S. Capitol without an authorized Inaugural ticket.
  • Accessibility services are provided in each ticketed section and upon entering the section will be available by request to the Accessibility Services Representative.
  • There will be a large section on the National Mall (past 4th Street) for which no tickets are required and that will be accessible to the general public.  

For any additional information or questions, please contact my office at (301) 926-0300. We are here to help.

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You may request a maximum of two tickets, which includes the requester.

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