Success Stories


Success Stories from Sixth District Constituents

If you need assistance, please contact my office at (301) 926-0300. We are here for you.

"The help I received from Rep. Trone's office was some of the best 'customer service' I have ever experienced. Once I was on their radar for needing help receiving my eligible earnings, they checked in with me constantly to see if the Dept. of Labor had reached out and rectified. After 10 months of outreach on my behalf, they managed to escalate my case to get it handled. Their help put thousands of deserved dollars back in my pocket and I am extremely grateful." - Lisa C., Gaithersburg

"These kinds of actions in our government should reinstill the faith of the people. All is takes is politicians working together and helping out the constituents. I am beyond grateful and this shows the good things that can happen. People over politics." - Tyler W., Frostburg

“Yesterday, 6 months later, I am happy to say I actually got my unemployment card with all the money I was eligible to receive plus the extra weekly $600!! I know this would not have ever happened without the help from the dedicated team working with David Trone. For the first time, I felt like an elected representative genuinely had looked out for a constituent's best interest on a personal level...I can imagine the volume of emails his office receives and am amazed I was treated like a priority. I want to say thank you and that I honestly never thought this money would find its way to my pocket. This has taken an enormous burden off the shoulders of my family and I am very grateful." Bonnie H., Hagerstown

“Congressman Trone is standing up to the Executive Branch for his constituents.” - Ibrahim J., Frederick

"I contacted Regan from Congressman David Trone's office who successfully intervened for me with the Department of Labor to expedite the processing of my Pandemic Unemployment Assistance after 8 exasperating weeks. I was at wits end until she stepped in to resolve the issue." - Wayman M., Germantown

"It was not until I contacted the office of Representative Trone that I obtained swift help! He and his staff solved the issue in a couple of weeks, after several months of no luck with anyone else. I'm eternally grateful to Congressman Trone and his wonderful staff!" - Janet B., Maryland

“Finally, I decided to contact Rep. David Trone’s office. I received a phone call from one of his employees almost immediately and they were able to accelerate my claim within the Maryland Department of Labor. About two weeks later, I received my debit card in the mail with the full amount owed to me. Thank you so much, Rep. Trone’s office, for your help!” - Catherine, M., Frederick

“Sarah, a member from Congressman David Trone’s Office, helped me and my husband to contact the USCIS to recapture my priority date for my green card application. Thanks to her great efforts in repeated communication with [the agency], USCIS finally approved our cases and issued our green cards.”Linlin L., North Potomac

I am so grateful to Congressman David Trone for taking the time to intercede and resolve the issue that I sought. I have been accommodated to work the day shift. Being a single mother of a special needs adult I could not work the overnight shift. You saved my job, and thank you, thank you.” - Maureen B., Clarksburg

“You sir and your team have really warmed my heart that you truly have the best interest of ALL people and not just specific sets of people like many politicians do, and for that I am supremely appreciative! Thank you and your team for all the efforts you have made for me and many other Marylanders during these trying times.” - Brandon M., Hagerstown

“I am very grateful to The Honorable Congressman David Trone for all your assistance to me and the other constituents for many years to come” - Danny P., Frederick

“The workshop was extremely beneficial, not only to our senior population but also to those of us who work hard to provide services to them... It was an outstanding event and our seniors will be better for it. Please thank the Congressman for me. Your hard work and his certainly do not go unnoticed.” - Laura W., Hagerstown

“We were having an issue understanding the complexities of Medicare with respect to whether a patient in a rehab facility could also receive medical treatments. Congressman Trone’s office contacted them and clarified the rules and my mother-in-law was able to get the treatment she needed. We are very appreciative of the support” - Barry A., North Potomac