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April 16, 2019

100 Days in Office: David Trone Hits the Ground Running, Keeps Promises, and Makes Real Progress in Washington


CONTACT: Hannah Muldavin,

100 Days in Office: David Trone Hits the Ground Running, Keeps Promises, and Makes Real Progress in Washington

Trone ran for Congress to bring compassion, competence, and civility to Washington. During his first 100 days in office, Congressman Trone prioritized serving his constituents in all five counties, leading the fight to tackle the opioid and addiction crisis in this country, and working with both Democrats and Republicans to promote policies that benefit the American worker.


Trone’s top priority as a Member of Congress is serving his constituents. He is making good on his commitment to open four district offices in Gaithersburg, Frederick, Hagerstown, and Cumberland — two additional offices than his predecessor maintained. Trone is an active and accessible representative for all of his constituents – especially some of the youngest in the 6th District.

By the numbers:

  • 9,475: Letters, phone calls, and emails responded to from constituents
  • 494: Services provided to constituents
  • 243: Certificates of Special Congressional Recognition awarded to constituents

How we’ve helped:

  • Saved or returned $80,894.13 to constituents
  • Saved a constituent’s house from foreclosure
  • Saved a constituent thousands by working with the VA


Drug overdoses are killing 192 people every day, and the opioid epidemic has personally affected Trone. That’s why his first major action in Congress was to launch the bipartisan Freshmen Working Group on Addiction, the largest freshmen working group in the 116th Congress with more than 50 active members. Trone hosted multiple workshops, toured Johns Hopkins facilities, and introduced legislation to combat the addiction crisis in this country.

  • “Federal Opioid task force visits Johns Hopkins to learn about stemming epidemic” [Baltimore Sun, 3/5/19]
  • Opioid Crisis Number-One Issue For Western Md. Residents: “Trone is the chairman of the bipartisan Freshmen Working Group on Addiction, which is composed of several freshmen Congress members who are working together to find solutions to this problem. “We’ll put together a lot of solutions and ideas we want get passed that will really help people with overdoses and deaths throughout the district.” [WFMD, 3/20/19]


Trone traveled the entirety of the 6th District, meeting with and securing resources for his constituents. In Montgomery County, Trone’s seniors workshop hosted more than 350 attendees and featured more than 20 organizations focused on providing resources for seniors. In Frederick County, Trone met with the biggest employer in the county — Fort Detrick — and discussed how he can help strengthen this vital institution. In Washington County, Trone met one on one with more than 50 residents at his first “Office Hours,” helped open Brooke’s House, and hosted an economic development roundtable to bring more jobs to the county. In Garrett and Allegany Counties, Trone met with healthcare providers and others to talk about how we can tackle the addiction crisis.

  • Seniors Workshop in Montgomery County
    • “I’m especially proud to have David Trone as an original co-sponsor of my 2100 bill, because David is about solutions, and we are long overdue for Social Security enhancement,” said Congressman John Larson, who is the author of the Social Security 2100 Act [3/26/19]
  • Visit and Tour of Fort Detrick in Frederick County
    • “Congressman Trone Visits Fort Detrick to Learn About Our Nation’s Security and Life-Saving Medical Research” [U.S. Army Website, 3/18/19]
  • Creating Jobs and Stimulating the Economy in Washington County
    • “The fact that he took time to come out here … to talk to us about business, growing jobs, growing development is a wonderful treasure to have” [Herald-Mail Media, 4/5/19]
    • “Representative Trone is very in touch with what it takes to grow jobs,” said Jill Thompson, the city’s director of community and economic development. “We’re pleased that he’s here to listen to what some of our challenges are and our opportunities, and his willingness to help attract new jobs to Washington County and Hagerstown.”[Herald-Mail Media, 4/5/19]
  • Tour of Western Maryland and Regional Medical Centers in Allegany and Garrett County
    • “Trone visits Garrett County in middle of storm” [Garrett County Republican, 2/20/19]


Trone was sworn-in to Congress during what would become the longest shutdown in history. He hit the ground running: fighting for federal workers by supporting back pay for workers during the shutdown, passing a law to guarantee a wage increase for all federal workers, and working to secure backpay for low-wage contractors.

Trone passed two provisions through the House of Representatives. His first legislation to pass the House floor ensured all federal workers received a pay increase, and his second amendment helped ensure all Americans have access to reliable, high-quality broadband internet.

Trone has shown himself to be a tenacious advocate on three committees: the Education and Labor Committee, the Joint Economic Committee, and the Foreign Affairs Committee, where he serves as Vice Chair of the Middle East Subcommittee. Most Members of Congress serve on two committees.

Trone challenged Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos when she testified in front of the Education and Labor Committee, questioned Secretary Pompeo on the Muslim Ban, and wrote  a letter signed by 42 Members of Congress demanding answers on the killing to Jamal Kashoggi.

  • Kudos to Trone: “Congressman Trone is dedicated to representing the constituents of District 6. His willingness to listen to my concerns is admirable. Over the course of his very short time in Congress, I have been thoroughly impressed by the actions of Mr. Trone. I appreciate immensely his desire to represent the people.” [Frederick News-Post, 1/26/19]


Trone has shown himself to be an active, effective, and accessible Member of Congress, and he’s just getting started. Over the coming weeks, Trone will introduce his first stand-alone piece of legislation and tour the district to glean new ideas to help end the addiction crisis and create jobs.