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Appropriations Requests

As a member of the House Appropriations Committee, I want to ensure that the federal government invests in the policies and programs that help move our communities, state, and country forward. That’s why it’s important I hear directly from you about what our federal budget should prioritize.

Community Project Funding Requests

Last Congress, the House Appropriations Committee announced a new Community Project Funding initiative to allow Members of Congress to target federal funds towards projects and programs that will address the most significant needs facing the communities they represent. Only state, local, and tribal governments; publicly owned entities (e.g. ports, universities, PUDs, etc.); and eligible non-profits are permitted to request Community Project Funding.

In Fiscal Year 2024, Members were allowed to submit fifteen requests on behalf of their districts. Fourteen of my requests have been included in the proposed Fiscal Year 2024 spending bills, totaling $15,500,000 in project funding for Maryland’s Sixth District. To see which programs were successful in Fiscal Year 2024, please see my Community Project Funding page here.

Below you will find a resource guide outlining how to request Community Project Funding through the annual appropriations process. This guide is an effort to streamline the process and provide you with the best information available in a clear and concise format. My team and I are committed to creating a fair and equitable process that will benefit Maryland’s Sixth Congressional District.

Our FY 2025 Application can be found here.

The House Appropriations Committee has not released its official guidance for FY 2025, as the FY 2024 budget has not yet been finalized. Please note that the FY 2025 guide below reflects FY 2024 guidance.

If you fill out the application, you may need to check back when updated guidance is released and change parts of your application. The form will allow you to edit your application after submission as needed. If you do update your application, please email us IMMEDIATELY to ensure the most up to date application is being considered as we review on a rolling basis.

PLEASE NOTE – Our FY 2025 Application is due Friday, March 8th. If you have questions about an existing application, please contact the office at 301-926-0300.

FY 2025 Appropriations Guide

Programmatic & Language Requests

Each year, the United States Congress considers and enacts annual appropriations bills, which provide the federal government with the funding it needs to operate. These bills fund numerous activities, including government operations, medical research, national defense, infrastructure, and education.

You or your organization may submit programmatic or language requests for Fiscal Year 2025. Programmatic requests include funding for specific federal programs that are important to you or your organization. Language requests include specific policy directives to federal agencies.

Our FY25 Programmatic & Language Request form is not yet live, pending guidance from the House Appropriations Committee. At this time, Congress has not yet completed work on FY24 Appropriations, we have not yet received the President’s Budget Request, and we have not received guidance from the Committee. We will post our form as soon as Committee guidance is available. We expect our form to be due no earlier than 10 days before the Committee’s deadline. We do not have a distribution list, so please check back here for the form to be posted.

In preparation for your FY25 submissions, you can expect that Rep. Trone’s form will ask the same information the Committee asks of us (subcommittee, account, program, title) as well as a short description of the program’s impact to MD06 and the importance to the Nation. Should you wish to speak with a Member of our team about a new program or request, we are accepting FY25 meetings now.

If you have questions about the FY25 appropriations process or to set up a meeting with the legislative staff, please contact the office at 202-225-2721.