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September 20, 2019

Congressman David Trone introduces legislation aimed at improving broadband access in Western Maryland

Credit: Local DVM, Johnathan Hunter

WASHINGTON D.C. (WDVM)– Representatives David Trone and David McKinley introduced legislation aimed at improving economic development in the Appalachia on Friday.

The Appalachian Regional Commission Reauthorization Act authorizes funding for 180 million dollars to go directly to ARC. The bill specifically sets asides $20 million dollars for improving broadband deployment. Congressman Trone believes the bill will benefit Western Maryland. Trone says the bill will support infrastructure projects and job training.

“Broadband means jobs, jobs, jobs. I mean that’s the whole key. We need broadband like we need electricity, like we need roads, it’s a right. everyone has to have broadband and that’s one of the hold backs from Western Maryland. We got to get this through and make it happen,” said Trone.

Earlier this month, Trone held a rural broadband round table in Hagerstown to discuss the importance of broadband in Western Maryland.