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October 19, 2021

Trone comments on right to choose

Credit: WCBC Radio

Congressman David Trone, in a recent conversation with the CEO of Planned Parenthood Maryland, Karen Nelson, discussed the Women’s Health Protection Act, misconceptions about Planned Parenthood and Texas’ new abortion law. Trone, a Democrat who represents Western Maryland, said he firmly believes that no Member of Congress should interfere with a woman’s ability to make decisions about her own body. He noted that recent polls show 77% of Americans support a woman’s right to choose… While its not surprising that a conservative, Republican leaning state like Texas would push for anti abortion laws- Nelson pointed out that Maryland had a number of similar bills introduced in the General Assembly… ​In the wake of Texas’ new restrictive abortion law, Congress has taken action to protect a woman’s right to choose. Trone and fellow House Democrats passed the Women’s Health Protection Act last month. The bill would enshrine the protection of Roe v. Wade into law, preventing the Supreme Court from overturning the decades-old abortion ruling.