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January 05, 2022

Trone Marks the Anniversary of the January 6th Attack on the Capitol


January 5, 2022

Contact: Sasha Galbreath, 

Trone Marks the Anniversary of the January 6th Attack on the Capitol

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Congressman David Trone (MD-06) released a statement preceding the anniversary of last year’s attack on the United States Capitol.

“I will remember the events of January 6th for a long time, if only because I never thought I’d fear for my safety, the lives of my staff, friends, and fellow Members of Congress from a mob of angry Americans storming the Capitol. 

Now, my focus is on the facts rather than the politics of the insurrection. The big questions should be, who was behind it and how do we protect our democracy against events like this in the future?

Like the vast majority of Americans, I believe the deaths of law enforcement officers who were defending us, those who continue to suffer mental and physical injuries from that day, and the fear felt by millions of Americans watching it unfold unequivocally requires that those responsible for the reprehensible actions of January 6th be held to account.

Frankly, it’s difficult to wrap my mind around those who once loudly rebuked the actions that day but now have fallen silent just one year later. It’s even more baffling in the face of continued threats leveled against my colleagues, in addition to our staff who work hard to serve our communities, the Capitol Police who secure our workplace, and the journalists who bring transparency of our work in Congress to the American public.

Amid continued misinformation campaigns and ignored subpoenas, the January 6th Committee has worked against incredible odds to determine simple facts and obtain vital evidence. Despite these obstacles, I have full faith in the Committee to seek and secure justice under the leadership of Chairman Thompson and fellow Marylander Jamie Raskin. 

Denying the outcomes of our elections and questioning the integrity of our democracy is a precedent we cannot afford to set.

We will not give up. We will not forget. That much you can count on.”

Congressman David Trone was elected to the House of Representatives in November 2018 to serve the 6th District of Maryland, which includes all or part of Montgomery, Frederick, Washington, Allegany, and Garrett Counties. Trone serves on the Appropriations, Veterans’ Affairs, and Joint Economic Committees. In Congress, Trone is fighting to make progress on issues that matter to Marylanders, including the mental health and addiction crises, criminal justice reform, and funding for medical research.