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March 15, 2022

Trone calls for action on Garrett, Allegany mail delivery

Credit: Garrett County Republican

WASHINGTON — U.S. Rep. David Trone has sent a letter to United States Postal Service Inspector General Tammy Whitcomb urging for swift action to address postal delays in Western Maryland.

The postal issues in the region have only worsened as a result of the closing of the Cumberland Processing Center in 2012. Now, all mail from Allegany and Garrett counties is processed in Baltimore, nearly 150 miles away from Western Maryland.

In the letter, Trone highlighted the significant impact these postal delays have on Western Marylanders, who often lack reliable broadband access and rely on the postal service for essential items and information. He urged the Office of the Inspector General to further examine the current postal processing arrangement in Western Maryland.

“I have consistently heard from constituents who complain of mail and other parcels being significantly delayed or, in many instances, lost entirely. In these communities, lack of broadband access means there is an increased reliance on USPS to pay bills, collect Social Security checks or receive information from financial institutions,” Trone wrote. “In small towns without pharmacies, the Postal Service is often the only way to get a prescription filled.”