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July 12, 2022

Trone secures over $1.3 Million for Garrett Co. in Appropriations Bill

Credit: The Garrett County Republican, Staff Reports

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Congressman David Trone (MD-06) announced that he secured over $1,348,848 in Community Project Funding, formerly called “earmarks,” for Garrett County in Fiscal Year 2023. After its approval by the House Committee on Appropriations — of which Trone is a member — the project funding now advances to the U.S. House for passage in the coming month.

The funding includes:

  • $698,848 for the purchase of equipment for Garrett County government;
  • $650,000 to purchase a new electronic health record system for the Garrett Regional Medical Center.

The funding will be used to purchase emergency radio equipment to support public information alerts and warnings in coordination with the capabilities of the Emergency Operations Center. These interoperability capabilities are core functions of an Emergency Operations Center and are delineated in the emergency support functions outlined by Garrett’s Emergency Operations Plan.

This request will allow the Emergency Operations Center to have two-way radio communications and effectively communicate via radio with local, state and federal agencies. The equipment will allow the Emergency Communications Center to operate as a fully functional backup 9-1-1 center in the event of a situation or failure at the primary site.

Additionally, the funding will be used to install an electronic health record system that will enable the rural medical center to connect easily and seamlessly with the large health system with which it is affiliated, West Virginia University Medicine, and to provide better, more coordinated care for the people of its service area.

The grant would also cover the “community connect” for two surgical practices that provide surgical services at the hospital. This funding will reduce the cost burden of the electronic health record project on the hospital and clinics, allowing more resources to go toward patient care for an underserved population.

“As a businessman, I know how vital it is to work with folks on the ground to get the best results. After working with state and local leaders over the last year, we identified projects that will have the highest impact in our communities and help the folks most in need,” said Congressman Trone. “These funding recipients – many of which I’ve visited myself – are vital to the day-to-day lives of Marylanders and will enhance the quality of life across the district. In Congress, our number one job is to equip our constituents with the tools they need to succeed. These investments in our communities will do just that.”

“Congressman Tone’s support for Garrett County and his commitment to include this project as one of 15 Community Projects will enable Garrett County to purchase radio equipment and consoles in order to support public information, alert, and warning coordination capabilities from the Emergency Operations Center,” said Chairman Paul Edwards. “This equipment will also serve as back-up emergency communications equipment in the event of a 9-1-1 Center failure, ensuring redundant communications capabilities with first responders in the field from the Emergency Operations Center.”