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September 12, 2022

Congressman Trone backs Social Security in legislation

Credit: DC News Now, Steven Cohen

FREDERICK, Md. (DC News Now) — More than 300 Frederick-area seniors gathered at the YMCA at the start of the week to hear about the outlook for a stable social security system.

Maryland Congressman David Trone was joined by Connecticut U.S. Representative John Larson about legislation to keep the social security trust fund solvent, and then some. Both lawmakers are behind a bill to fortify the federal program giving seniors income stability in their retirement years and affordable health benefits.

“Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security — Congressman Larsen has a phenomenal bill that will fix Social Security for the next 75 years,” said Trone.

“We have a bill that extends the life of Social Security, that adds benefit to social security, that uplifts people out of poverty,” said Congressman Larson.

A key feature of the Trone-Larson bill is a cap on the cost of insulin for medicare beneficiaries at $35 per month.