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January 09, 2023

Striking workers at Williamsport plant get support from Congressman Trone

Credit: DC News Now

WILLIAMSPORT, Md. (DC News Now) — Striking workers at the Sherwin Williams plant here are getting support from Congressman David Trone (D-Md). Trone rallied workers at the Enhanced Polymers Solutions facility here to start the work week. The UAW Local voted to strike in November over wages and benefits. The workers want a package similar to one being offered to other locals employed by the company. “We want a package that is fair,” said Robert Keller, president of UAW Local 171. “We see what inflation has done to families across the country,” said Trone, who represents Washington County where the plant is located. “The small paltry raise that’s been offered by management is just not going to cut it.” Pennsylvania man wanted for killing wife arrested in West Virginia Trone wants management back at the bargaining table. The company has not replied to an inquiry about the workers’ protest at the Williamsport facility Monday.