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January 13, 2023

Frederick Co.’s crisis center receives a boost from federal spending bill

Credit: Morningside Maryland

Frederick County, Maryland, will receive 2 million dollars in federal funding. This is meant for county projects for the congressional spending bill of the past month. It would also be dedicated to supporting a 24-hour center for people experiencing mental health crises. In a statement, Jessica Fitzwater, the County executive, said, “These projects will help to keep our community safer and healthier.” Jessica thanked Maryland Sens, as well as, thanked Ben Cardin and Chris Van Hollen and Reps. David Trone and Jamie Raskin for helping to secure the funding.

The crisis stabilization center would receive 699,000 dollars
It would further receive medical equipment alongside other hardware to set up the center
It is intended to divert people who have been experiencing crises related to mental health
With the utmost care, the stabilization center was established
The stabilization center is intended to divert people experiencing mental health crises or under the influence from emergency rooms. It is intended to offer “supervised care and sustainable, community-based behavioral health care.” One out of five patients going to Frederick Health Hospital’s emergency department is said to have either mental health or substance use issues. A federal grant of nearly 870,000 dollars will be used to equip the county’s emergency operations. At present, the emergency center is run out of a converted classroom space which is not very large to accommodate all the pupils that are usually required to manage large-scale events.

Plan set aside after the trial is complete.
Two hundred eighty thousand dollars were set aside to extend the walking and biking path from Fountain Rock Nature Center to Heritage Park in Walkersville. It is a town situated a few miles northeast of the city. It would provide ” a safe way for walkers and bicyclists to travel between the municipalities.”


Frederick Co.’s crisis center gets boost from federal spending bill