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April 27, 2023

Over $3 Million in Requested Funding announced for Garrett Co.

Credit: Garrett County Republican

MCHENRY — Governor Wes Moore’s FY2024 Community Project Funding Budget includes funds for the Deep Creek Volunteer Fire Company (DCVFC) and the Oakland Community Center.

In total, over $3 million were successfully submitted to the House Committee on Appropriations by Congressman David Trone, with $2.2 million awarded for the DCVFC Capital Improvement Project and $900,000 for the Oakland Community Center Expansion.

Improvements to the DCVFC building consists of offices, sleeping quarters, lounge, kitchen, and locker rooms for volunteer and career staff, as well as training and conference areas to facilitate training and community programs.

“The expansion will allow for quicker responses with refreshed responders, the capital improvement plan will allow the Deep Creek Volunteer Fire Company to meet the future needs of the area.” said Jason King, fire chief of the Deep Creek Volunteer Fire Company. “We are incredibly grateful that Congressman Trone fought for our Community Project Funding request to be included in this year’s funding package, including funding to replace our 28-year-old ladder truck.

“This crucial funding will expand and increase our fire company’s ability to keep our Deep Creek community safe, which is always our top priority.”

The DCVFC issued a statement publicly thanking Gov. Wes Moore for his unprecedented support. The Fire Company also thanked Del. Jim Hinebaugh, Sen. Mike McKay, Retired Sen. George Edwards, the Garrett County commissioners and above all the community for their continued support.

“It is through sustained and invaluable partnerships that Maryland’s emergency response system will thrive,” said Gov. Moore. “The $1.2 million investment will expand opportunities for the Deep Creek Volunteer Fire Company to continue serving the Garrett County community when they need it most.”

The Oakland Community Center Expansion has also been a much-needed project, as Oakland Mayor Kathy Shaffer noted.

“Open and accessible meeting spaces are vital to a community’s health, growth, and success,” said Shaffer. “The Oakland Community Center offers invaluable programming to ensure our community’s needs are met, including space for recreational sports and events. We thank Congressman Trone for his continued leadership in helping fund local projects and support Marylanders.”

Congressman Trone is a member of the House Appropriations Committee and made it clear that projects like these were high priorities.

“My job is to ensure communities across the country are equipped to serve and provide vital resources to folks in need,” said Congressman Trone. “Through Community Project Funding, Members of Congress get to hear straight from our local leaders about what federal funding is needed, creating a direct line of funding from Congress to our Main Streets. With this investment into Maryland’s Sixth District, we’re going to create more jobs, upgrade deteriorating infrastructure, and expand essential services. By partnering with the folks who know what investments need to be prioritized, we’re building a brighter future for all Marylanders.”

Next, the Committee will develop its final government funding package, taking Community Project Funding requests into consideration, and work to pass its proposed package into law.