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May 08, 2023

National Broadband Funding

Credit: WMDT (ABC)

Good Morning Delmarva: Maryland’s Senate seat is looking to make rural broadband a priority. US House Representative David Trone visited the eastern shore earlier this week – meeting with local leaders on where federal funds would be used to help improve broadband access. He says his district in Western Maryland – just like the Eastern Shore has long had accessibility issues. But as part of the House Appropriations Committee – he is working to put 42 billion dollars to work upgrading internet access. He says right now it’s not the funding that’s the issue – it’s information on who needs service – and where.

Rep. David Trone: First, you got to get your FCC maps right. If you don’t get them right people won’t know there is a need and it won’t get fixed and the FCC maps are terrible.

Good Morning Delmarva: He tells us he is also working to make sure that when broadband is added it does not become a monopoly of services.