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May 16, 2023

Congressman David Trone visits Frederick County to learn about community programs

Credit: DC News Now

DC News Now: Congressman David Trone paid a visit to Frederick County today. What was he doing there? Touring an organization that helps foster a positive environment for children. Aynae Simmons has more.

Aynae Simmons: Congressman David Trone visited the Church of the Nazarene in Frederick to learn more about the I Believe in Me organization. This organization helps mentor the youth in the area and Congressman Trone requested $3 million so that the organization can find a permanent home.

Rep. David Trone: I will give this place a whole new home, and get them the facility they need to continue to help kids for the next decade.

Aynae Simmons: The monies would come from the fiscal year 2024 Federal Community Project Funding. Aje Hill is the CEO and founder of the organization. He says he is humble and thankful to Congressman Trone for helping them through the process.

Aje Hill: It’s an amazing feeling to have someone believe in you and to have someone like Congressman Trone that has been through all the walks of life that he’s been through, believing in us. Our organization means the world to us.

Aynae Simmons: The hope center wants to have additional classrooms, a media room, and an area for sports activity. Troy Burns, education coordinator and mentor for the children says mentoring is his passion that has been going four years strong.

Troy Burns: I don’t even really do it for anybody other than myself and the kids. It’s something I hold dear to my heart and it’s personal to me.