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May 16, 2023

Construction for Frederick County’s crisis center underway

Credit: DC News Now

FREDERICK, Md. (DC NEWS NOW)–The state of Maryland along with Frederick County are teaming up to launch a new crisis stabilization center. The facility is designed to provide a place for anyone experiencing a behavioral health emergency.

The Crisis Stabilization Center in Frederick will be located inside the old Board of Elections building to provide immediate care to people experiencing a behavioral health emergency.

The Mental Health Association of Frederick County will soon operate the crisis stabilization center, offering around-the-clock services to people who need them.

“It’s going to allow that opportunity for people who were the hospitals, not the right level of care, but being in the community is not the right, it’s not the right moment for that either,” said Suzi Borg, the director of crisis services for the Mental Health Association of Frederick County.

Emily Keller, the former mayor of Hagerstown and now Maryland’s Special Secretary of Opioid Response said more crisis centers are necessary. She took a tour of the facility Tuesday.

“I think we should have crisis centers all across the state. People need a place to go when they’re in a crisis that sometimes doesn’t require an emergency room,” said Keller.

Over $1 million for the center comes from federal grants and $850 thousand comes from Frederick County’s American Rescue Plan allocation.

“Seeing these partnerships really from the federal government and the support we got through Congressman Trone’s office and our delegation through state partnerships and local that’s how we’re going to be able to continue to meet the needs of our residents and solve complex issues and this is such a great example of that,” said Frederick County Executive Jessica Fitzwater.

The expected date for construction of the crisis stabilization center is in August. The team also expects to begin services at the end of August.