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May 31, 2023

See Who Voted For and Against Raising the Debt Limit

Credit: New York Times

The U.S. House passed legislation Wednesday night to raise the government debt ceiling and set federal spending limits, breaking a stalemate that brought the nation within days of its first default in history. The Times was in the House chamber and presented every representative’s vote live.

The House voted to raise the debt limit
Answer DemocratsDem. RepublicansRep. Total Bar chart of total votes
165 149 314
Needed to pass
46 71 117
If passed by the Senate, the bill would suspend the debt limit for two years and effectively freeze federal spending that had been on track to grow. Republicans also extracted a series of policy concessions from the Biden administration, including clawing back some money approved by Congress to bolster the I.R.S. and imposing new work requirements on some recipients of government benefits.

How different groups voted
Vote Progressive Democrats
100 reps.
Other Democrats
113 reps.
Other Republicans
179 reps.
Hard-right Republicans
43 reps.
Yes 60 reps.
105 reps.
141 reps.
8 reps.
No 40 reps.
6 reps.
37 reps.
34 reps.
Did not vote
2 reps.
1 rep.
1 rep.
Note: Progressive Democrats are members of the House Progressive Caucus. Hard-right Republicans include members who were supported by the House Freedom Fund during the 2022 midterms or who opposed Kevin McCarthy’s election as Speaker. The fund is the campaign arm of the House Freedom Caucus, a hard-line faction founded in 2015.

Both Republican and Democratic leaders corralled their mainstream rank-and-file to vote for the bill in order to push it through the fractious and closely divided House. Blocs of hard-right and hard-left lawmakers had threatened to oppose the compromise.