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March 07, 2024

Lawmakers want to remove a Confederate monument. That started a battle

Credit: The Baltimore Banner

William F. Chaney has helped build statues for the Alex Haley-Kunta Kinte Memorial and a plaque honoring Malcolm X in Annapolis. He has also done the same for Robert E. Lee and another Confederate soldier.

Congressman David Trone, lead sponsor of the bill, was joined in support by Steny Hoyer, Dutch Ruppersberger, John Sarbanes, Kweisi Mfume, Jamie Raskin, and Glenn Ivey.

Trone said the bill is an “effort to ensure Antietam honors our nation’s victory over the Confederacy rather than memorializes historical figures who fought to break up the Union and restrict fundamental human rights.”

Trone had said previously that “such an historic site, where men died to advance justice and equality, should not memorialize Robert E. Lee — a man who fought vehemently to uphold slavery. In our pursuit of a more perfect union, we must honor those who stood on the right side of history — not those who sought to hold us back.”

Snowden has been closely following the Congressional legislation since Trone’s announcement.

Chaney could not be reached for comment and Trone has not received any word from Chaney since announcing the proposed bill last week, according to Galbreath.

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